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    Musical Instrument
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    Violin Piano Electric guitar Acoustic Guitar Flute Clarinet saxophone Electric Drum Acoustic Drum
    Viola Cello Ukulele Banjo Mandolin Xylophone Bell lyra Musical Instrument Virtual Musical
    Types of Instruments
    An orchestra consists of four sections of musical instruments depending on how they are played, these are String Instruments,Keyboard Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, Brass Instruments, Percussion Instruments.
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    String Instruments
    String instruments are musical instruments that produce sound from vibrating strings. In the Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification, used in organology, they are called chordophones. The most common instruments in the string family are
    Guitar Bass Violin Viola Cello Mandolin Double Bass Lute Banjo Harp
    Percussion Instruments
    A percussion instrument is a musical instrument that is sounded by being struck or scraped by a beater (including attached or enclosed beaters or rattles), or struck, scraped or rubbed by hand, or struck against another similar instrument. The percussion family is believed to include the oldest musical instruments.
    Drum Set Bass Drum Snare Drum Bongo Konga Bell-lyra Xylophone Vibraphone Line Bell Triangle
    Marimba Cowbell Tubular Bells Maracas Tambourine Cymbal Cabasa Castanet Timpani  
    Keyboard Instruments
    A keyboard instrument is a musical instrument which is played using a musical keyboard. The most common of these is the piano. Other widely used keyboard instruments include organs of various types as well as other mechanical, electromechanical and electronic instruments. In common language, it is mostly used to refer to keyboard-style synthesizers.
    Organ Melodian Piano Accordion Clavichord Electone Harpsichord
    Woodwind Instruments
    A woodwind instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound when the player blows air against a sharp edge or through a reed, causing the air within its resonator (usually a column of air) to vibrate. Most of these instruments are made of wood but can be made of other materials, such as metals or plastics.
    Flute Saxophone Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Recorder Piccolo Cor Anglais
    Brass Instruments
    A brass instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound by sympathetic vibration of air in a tubular resonator in sympathy with the vibration of the player's lips. Brass instruments are also called labrosones, literally meaning "lip-vibrated instruments".
    Trombone Trumpet Tuba Flugelhorn French Horn Cornet Sousaphone Euphonium Fanfare Bugle
    The instrument can be played online.
    Virtual electric drum Virtual flute Virtual clarinet Virtual alto saxophone Virtual soprano saxophone
    Virtual acoustic drum Virtual violin online Virtual piano online Virtual Electric Guitar Virtual Acoustic Guitar
    Virtual Cello Virtual Viola Virtual Ukulele Soprano Virtual Ukulele Tenor Virtual Ukulele Concert
    Virtual bell lyra online Virtual xylophone online Virtual banjo online Virtual mandolin Virtual guitar bass
    Virtual trumpet Virtual cornet Virtual alto horn Virtual french horn Virtual tuba
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