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    Flower basket Ecard Mobile and Desktop
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    Violin Piano Electric guitar Acoustic Guitar Flute Clarinet saxophone Electric Drum Acoustic Drum
    Viola Cello Ukulele Banjo Mandolin Xylophone Bell lyra Musical Instrument Virtual Musical
    1. Enter the sender's name. 2. Enter a Subject. 3. Enter Your E-mail. 4. Enter e-mail recipients.
    5. E-card design. 6. Select images, animation, sound. 7. Insert text in the top and bottom cards. 8. If music be entered.
    To select and listen before.
    9. Insert text in the message. 10.Press the View button to view the
    message before sending mail.
    11. Check e-mail address is required. 12. Send e-cards.
    How to reduce image size( For upload your photo)
    Select a program to use. Follow your device.
    Mobile Phone/ Android / IPhone / Window phone
    Computer / Desktop / Tablet / IPad / (Browser use HTML5)
    Computer (Flash Player)
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