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    Making Christmas day card.
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    Make christmas card for mobile phone
    For ( Android / Iphone / Ipad /HTML5) For Flash
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    Making Christmas Day card.
    1. Choose the frame you want to put the card in the frame. And then do a horizontal or vertical cards. 2. A greeting or message. The top and bottom of the card on Christmas Day, choose a font size and color. And the shadow of the letter. 3.To insert your image. Select a format and location. If you do not want to put a select No map photo. 4. The other images. In a Christmas Day card.
    5.The position and size of your image and brightness of the image. 6. A mapping background. With the background color or Not use map is not mapped. With the background color. 7. Background of the card. 8. If you want to put your background image, or to overlap with With the background of the card.
    make christmas card
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