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    Alto horn online
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    The tenor horn (British English; alto horn in American English, Althorn in Germany; occasionally referred to as E? horn) is a brass instrument in the saxhorn family, and is usually pitched in E?. It has a bore that is mostly conical, like the flugelhorn and baritone horn, and normally uses a deep, cornet-like mouthpiece. It is similar to baritone or euphonium but smaller in size.The alto horn is commonly used in brass bands and marching bands but is usually replaced by the horn in concert and symphonic ensembles.
    alto horn
    Components of the alto horn
    Mouthpiece: On brass instruments the mouthpiece is the part of the instrument placed on the player's lips. The mouthpiece is a simple circular opening that leads, via a semi-spherical or conical cavity, to the main body of the instrument.
    Valves: Valves are used to change the length of tubing of a brass instrument allowing the player to reach the notes of various harmonic series. Each valve pressed diverts the air stream through additional tubing, individually or in conjunction with other valves.
    Water Key: A water key is a valve or tap used to allow the drainage of accumulated fluid, consisting of condensed breath moisture, from musical instruments.
    Price alto hornThe price is about $1200.00 to $3500.00
    Virtual alto horn online
    virtual alto horn
    How use program alto horn
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    Alto horn Song
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